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BankFirst Mobile is the ultimate on-demand service. With it you can now monitor your accounts using your mobile phone...view accounts, even transfer funds whenever you need to. Wherever you happen to be. You decide how you'll use it!

And you don't need Internet access on your phone to take advantage of BankFirst Mobile. You can send a simple text message to:

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history

If you do have Internet access from your phone, it gets even better. You can log on to:

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts

With BankFirst Mobile, your information is fully secure.

BankFirst Mobile is as secure as a vault. With multiple layers of authentication, you'll never have to worry about the wrong people getting your information. A personal password and phone activation code keep your information safe.

Enroll now

BankFirst Mobile is available to anyone currently enrolled for our Online Banking service. To enroll, log on to Online Banking and select BankFirst Mobile and then SIGN UP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BankFirst Mobile?

BankFirst Mobile is our mobile service that brings banking to your phone. BankFirst Mobile allows you to monitor your account from your phone at any time.

What can I do with BankFirst Mobile?

BankFirst Mobile allows you to:

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
My phone doesn't have Internet access. Can I still use BankFirst Mobile?

Yes. All you need is a phone with text messaging.

How do I enroll in BankFirst Mobile?

Log on to Online Banking. Select BankFirst Mobile and then SIGN UP. Make sure you have your phone handy.

Are there guidelines for creating account "nicknames"?

During enrollment, you are given the option of providing "nicknames" for your accounts. Choosing an appropriate nickname is especially important if you use the text service for BankFirst Mobile, because your HIST inquiries use the nickname. It's also included in the account history message returned by the financial institution.

For this reason, the nickname should be as short as possible. There is a maximum of ten characters, and fewer than five is recommended if you plan to use the text service.

A text message can contain only 160 characters total. Using as few as possible in your account nickname helps ensure that your account information will fit into a single message.

How do I access BankFirst Mobile?

Once you enroll for BankFirst Mobile, you'll receive a text message with instructions on how to get started.

What phones are supported for BankFirst Mobile?

Any phone with text messaging capabilities can take advantage of BankFirst Mobile.

Is BankFirst Mobile secure?

Yes. A personal password and phone activation code keeps your information safe.

Can I use BankFirst Mobile on more than one phone?

Yes. You can add phones, change services or cancel at any time from the BankFirst Mobile setup screen.