BankFirst Messenger

BankFirst introduces a free consumer on-demand service to help provide account information straight to your personal email address while allowing you to stay in control of your BankFirst checking account. Listed below are the five alerts available to you at this time.

Please feel free to access these alerts by signing on to your online banking account. Once signed on, you will see the following box in the upper right hand portion of the web page. Select “New” and choose from the drop down list of “Messenger Types” that is right for you. Once you have completed the required information for each Messenger Type, you will begin to receive email alerts.

If you require assistance, please feel free to call us at 888-371-8005 or email us at with any questions.

Messenger: New Messages

Checking Low Balance Alert

This alert is a nice feature for someone that closely manages the balance in their account. With this alert you can ask the bank to send you an email when the balance in your account falls below a certain threshold. (Note: This email is delivered during the morning hours after our nightly update).

Pending Deposit Alert

Concerned about your automatic deposit? By setting up the Pending Deposit Alert you will be notified by email anytime that a deposit is made to your account at BankFirst. This includes automatic deposits (such as a weekly paycheck), transfers made between existing accounts or deposits made in person at one of our convenient branches.

Debit Card Pending Transaction

With this alert you can request an email anytime your Debit Card has been used over a set dollar amount. This alert only works for Card Purchases in which you chose Credit to complete the transaction. This can be a major benefit to someone who is concerned about their account activity or desires to utilize this as a fraud tool.

Debit Card Posted Transaction

Very similar to the previous alert with two exceptions: first, this alert will notify you via email that a Debit Card transaction has actually posted to your account, and second, the alert notifies you of both Debit and Credit transactions. This alert can be useful for those that wish to closely monitor their account.

Check Amount Cleared Alert

This alert can be used to send you an email informing you that a check has cleared the account for more than or equal to a determined dollar amount. This can be especially useful for someone tracking a large check and wants to know when it has cleared their account with BankFirst.